Friday, March 19, 2010

Canny brilliance.

I wasn't searching for a follow-up post to the "Shutter Island" bit, but was stopped in my tracks just now when I saw this photo on Design Observer. Then I read the opening paragraph that accompanied it:

From 1913 to 1971 five thousand one hundred and twenty one mentally ill patients were cremated on the grounds of the Oregon State Hospital. Their remains were sealed in copper canisters. The canisters were stored in the hospital’s basement until the 1970s when they were moved to a memorial vault underground. The vault was subjected to periodic floods. In 2000 they were removed from their institutional crypt, placed on plain pine shelves in a storeroom, and were left virtually forgotten until David Maisel heard of their existence and photographed them. Fascinating stuff. Check out the full story and exhibit of photos here.

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Anne McCrossan said...

Hi Scott, I just swung over to check in with you and saw this post. It's unbelievable and I'm very moved. Thanks for posting it.