Thursday, January 21, 2010

Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.

SAS ranks No.1 on the FORTUNE '100 Best Companies to Work For' 2010 list.

"SAS starts with the belief that we are in the business of people – whether that is with customers, employees or business contacts." —Jim Goodnight, CEO, SAS

I enjoyed a brief professional relationship with JG and Co. about a decade ago, when the company was making the transition to a web-based solutions outfit. They've earned and genuinely deserve this latest recognition. Kudos to the whole team. And thanks for sharing the power to know with us all.

Here are some highlights from the company news release:

SAS offers an environment that inspires employees, allowing them to build long-term relationships with customers and focus on solving their business problems. In the face of economic uncertainty and market consolidation, SAS continues its 34-year history of growth and profitability. Our customers use SAS for everything from minimizing credit losses to improving patient outcomes – and contribute to a lively, active SAS community worldwide.

This marks the 13th year SAS has been ranked on the FORTUNE "100 Best Companies to Work For" list in the US. The more than 400 global offices have achieved considerable workplace awards as well. It’s no wonder SAS is the leader in business analytics: software that allows companies to glean greater value from one of their most important, yet elusive, assets – the huge volumes of data they collect.

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