Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Double Happiness in the Land of Cleves.

So tonight the NBA announced that Tsingtao has been named the Official Chinese Beer of the Cleveland Cavs. Might seem odd, until you consider how big King James is in China. Looking forward to seeing the Double Happiness slogan appearing at the Q arena next year.

And speaking of Double Happiness, also saw tonight, courtesy of a link via Lev Gonick, that Corning (NYSE:GLW) is stepping up, as I'd hoped, to supply product and design assistance to Case Western Reserve University and 40 community partners in a historic initiative to "test the power of super-high-speed Internet access to change people’s lives in inner-city neighborhoods."

Quoting the news release:

Other organizations joining Case in the initiative include University Hospitals, The Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth Hospital System, the City of Cleveland, OneCommunity, the Great Lakes Science Center and a coalition of public safety forces. At full capacity, the program seeks to connect more than 25,000 residents of the city. “Sustainable use and adoption of super-high- speed Internet connectivity in our neighborhoods is about basic human needs,” Gonick says. “If broadband doesn’t speak to the urgent needs around public and personal safety, health and wellness and a wide range of educational initiatives, then Internet access will remain largely irrelevant to a large segment of our population. We are aiming high with this initiative and we are very much looking forward to working with Corning and benefiting from their expertise.”I guess that makes this a day of Double-Double Happiness. Oh, wait, I forgot this morning's freelance gig on a certain brand of Happiness. Not to be greedy, but make mine a Triple-Double.

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nutty naughty said...

Double-Double Happiness and Triple-Double one ! What a happier expression you have! I want to get multiple happiness, too.