Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Those last two posts have gone to my head.

I had to laugh just now when I glanced at the still frame from the video I posted earlier today, then noticed below it the image of the dolls' heads posted a couple of weeks ago. I was in a rush to get out the door this morning and didn't even notice the striking similarities, the unintended connections.

As I was musing on that, I remembered this shot from an ad that I wrote about 15 years ago for a solid-modeling software company. I had to dig it up to revisit the content.

The copy is all about the promise of solid modeling and rapid prototyping to enable iteration, real-time collaboration, even hinting at mass customization. I recall writing about this way back then with a mix of awe, wonder and drooling lust. And here we are.

So there's another trip full-circle on this day when circles seem to be popping up everywhere, from Saturn to Stonehenge.

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John Ettorre said...

Scott, I love this image, which really draws the eye's attention. And I'm so glad you mentioned the phrase "rapid prototyping," because I sometimes use that metaphor to explain how to get greater and faster iterative input from everyone on a creative project. But you've just reminded me that I don't use it enough. For that, I owe you at least one breakfast.