Friday, May 8, 2009

How an iPad could absorb many times its weight in market share.

Photo source: FactoryJoe

I spent the morning yesterday at Case Western attending Collabtech 09 (thanks Lev). Spent time talking to folks about collaboration tools and approaches in higher ed, was wowed by the mobile efforts at MIT (, participated in the on-the-fly build of an iPhone app (yes, there's an app for that), and saw some great demos of rich media teaching programs that answer the question of what replaces the textbook for a generation raised on Wiis and Wikis.

I came away both inspired and excited in general, and also really upbeat about the prospects for an iBook/iPad device.

Here's why I've got all this buzzing going on in my head: Leading universities are rapidly adopting the iPhone/Touch platform to build out interactive campus-life community sites. With apps to manage everything from laundry to transit to cashless purchasing to lecture reviews. The iBook/iPad would slide right into this space, and bring along with it a form factor more suited to both text entry and the Kindle ebooks, along with the whole world of rich media teaching (think CSI meets Science Guy).

So what? Well, the really exciting thing is that these initiatives appear to be coming to market with the same passion, energy and ease of the iTunes App Store. And most of the players have committed to sharing and making their work available open source. So the brush fire should spread fast.

And, then, of course, all these students graduate and make their way up the career ladder, iLife in hand.

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Dianna Foley said...

I think our students would really do some exciting things if they had these tools to work with.

Glad you enjoyed the conference.