Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Irony bleeds out my ears.

I was reading a post on ADWEEK online titled "Last Brands Left Standing" by Roy Spence of GSD&M|Idea City fame and almost fell out of my chair when I read the quote below:

The great brands of tomorrow will rise from the destruction, led by purpose-based leaders who will vitalize and champion a corporate culture based on making a difference and improving people's lives. I believe the role of the ad agency will be to become their partner in purpose, to use every ounce of creativity we have to ensure that the brands that step up and make a positive difference are known, above all the rest. Otherwise, we are robbing people of the opportunity to spend their money on brands that stand for something they can believe in.Why was my balance rocked? I couldn't help recall that line boldfaced above from a script penned for BB&T Bank back in 2000 or so, before the collapse of that thing once known as trust. You can view the spot "machinist" below. Oh, and even though it's impossible to tell from this compressed spot the father in this film had the coolest skin you've ever seen. He was a former club boxer and his face was like leather.


Anonymous said...

it certainly wouldn't be the first time Roy Spence stole somebody's idea.

Scott Crawford said...

Oh, I wasn't suggesting that Roy stole anything here. More marveling/wondering at the timing of things, the way it's all playing out, and the fact that we have to remind people in places of power that core values matter.