Sunday, January 11, 2009

Love this post by Paul Isakson:

Inspired by a recently posted TED video of a presentation from John Maeda and remembering how he came to see "MIT" in the words "complexity" and "simplicity," I came to the conclusion that it's no wonder social media is full of so many shameless self-promoters.

The words themselves contain two "I's" and a "me."
So true, Paul. As Google rose on the wings of a noble mission to organize the world's information, social media (twitter in particular) has the potential to soar on the revolution of egalitarian networking – the open sharing of the world's knowledge.

It does, that is, if we don't scare people away or make them think it's all one big ego feeding frenzy. I know I sound like a cranky old curmudgeon. Hell, I may very well qualify. But, please, let's not kill the joy of social media by making it all about power ratings. It's not.

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