Sunday, January 4, 2009

I really enjoy learning from the insights gleaned by Valdis Krebs as he studies the networking behavior/effects of the Twittersphere.

As I was reading one recent blog post, I became distracted by a music change in the background, and then by a conversation happening behind me. And so my attention splintered and I found myself gazing at the network map unconsciously. As my focus returned, I found myself transported to a scene from about 15 years ago when I was snorkeling a coral reef off the coast of Key Largo with a friend and client.

Before I could help or stop myself, I was photoshopping away, adding splotches of color and daydreaming of the warm waters and the hovering Barracuda just over my left shoulder. And within minutes, I had a travel poster and a little mini-staycation away from the bone-chill and light-deprived Land of Cleves.

Thanks Valdis.

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