Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great moments in name-fate.

In reading this morning about the unfortunate, best-intentioned iPhone App snafu at CMG, I caught up with the news that Chipotle has brought in a new CMO by the name of, get this, Crumpacker.

Yes, Crumpacker. Now, chuckles aside, there's some good and bad vibe to this. Good is that Mark Crumpacker has a long history with the brand, dating back to the original identity system. Bad vibe is that he's being brought in at a time the training wheels had been removed, then put back on, and now are again being loosened.

So are we moving forward or backward? I'm not being cynical with that question. Here's my hope: That the brand management team is reaching back to its core values, its spiritual compass, for guidance on moving forward. I'm all for that, especially following the missteps with Deito/Verdi.

Crumpacker! I love it.

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