Monday, January 19, 2009

Crumpacker selects Butler, Shine for slow-fast passion play.

If it all sounds confusing, just wait. It'll soon make sense. Really, it will. As reported earlier, Chipotle recently brought in Mark Crumpacker as CMO. Now, just yesterday, the company announced selection of Sausalito's Butler, Shine & Stern as new AOR.

This is great news. For those unfamiliar with BSS, they're best known these days for their wonderfully whacky and lovable work with Bill Shatner for Priceline, and to a lesser extent for the Mini campaign they inherited and beefed up.

Feels like a good fit. Hopefully the agency and Steve Ells can establish a shared vision. Ultimately, Crumpacker or no, Steve is the brand visionary and keeper of the values flame, the father of slow-fast, free-range, gourmet mex.

Wow. just typing that and thinking about the folks at BSS, I'm already eager to see what they'll come up with. And, admittedly, a little jealous of the opportunity they have to create something truly unique.

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