Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thinking about opportunity ahead in brand space.

Among other things, last night's historic election marked the return of the Servant-Leader as heroic figure and role model.

As this piece in the Telegraph rightly points out, "the new president’s challenge will be to restore traditional American values, replacing speculation with enterprise, and profligacy with thrift."

Marketers and brand builders cannot escape these forces of change. The power has shifted. But the kind of overhaul required to thrive in the post-American-greed era is not a makeover, even of the extreme variety. It calls for nothing short of rehab.

Clearly, the big bender of Command & Control binging is over. Question is, will you find the strength to surrender? To learn the ways of the servant-leader? To give away control to those you would serve so that they, in turn, may lift you up?

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