Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Blair Witch Project of Advertising?

From Droga5 comes this fun and very cool YouTube film for Guitar Hero World Tour. A question that I first saw come up on Paul Isakson's blog: Is his dishonest? Should it be more apparent that this is a commercial production, not UG content? Is it inauthentic of Droga5 and the brand to try to "pass this off" as UGC?

I have my opinion. And you can probably guess it from the headline. I hope we don't lose sight of the fact that people aren't stupid. That they can figure out quickly that this is a professional-level job. Embracing/co-opting this storytelling form is evolutionary. Advertising has always been a fashion business. It tracks and quickly adopts whatever fashion is in vogue, regardless of whether it's music, cinematography, art, whathaveyou.

This is one more example. UCC production styles are now not only acceptable but fashionable. Embrace it. Celebrate it. But whatever you do, commit. If you're going to adopt the style and fashion, don't go half-in. Don't put a logo at the end. Or a voiceover tag. That's tantamount to putting a hat on a horse. Be true to the form. Go all-in. Or don't go.

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