Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Amazon lets loose a pack of wild evangelists on reporters.

Love this news reported in the NYTimes that Amazon has formally launched what it coined a "Holiday Customer Review Team" and announced it to the public. The Team is comprised of six rabid Amazon customers plucked out of the crowd for their prolific online review posting. As their reward, they now have been thrown to the snarling, pacing crowd of newspaper and mag reporters hungry for news of the season's hot gifts and trends.

There's also a well-orchestrated bit of product placement/seeding involved to help goose the writing/discussions for participating (and paying, I presume) marketers.

Your best customers are your best sales people. No mystery there. And the fast rise of social media and consumer generated content both make it incredibly easy to spread brand messages WOM. Key, as Amazon realizes, is to be utterly, unabashedly transparent about it.

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