Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Will this be Obama's Apollo program? Our salvation?

Thinking about comments this morning by Marc Faber regarding the inevitable slowdown of China as our factory-nation. As the world engine slows, and we adapt to a new, post-American(Express) life, alt energy seems to be emerging as the most likely candidate for a long-term visionary goal under which to unite the country and spur the economy through massive job creation and, equally important, spirit building.

I can see it. Twenty, thirty years in the future. It's certainly a more attractive image than the alternative, as painted in Wall-E. Need to think through implications from a next-step perspective. Might be a good afternoon to run down to the new Phoenix on 9th, grab a coffee-to-go, and meander down to sit under the wind turbine at the GLSC and ponder.

Updating this post, I just tripped over a link to this post in Forbes in which Katie Fehrenbacher puts forth this suggestion regarding Obama naming a CTO to his cabinet: "So here's a thought: Why not make that a chief clean-technology officer and fill the position with someone prominent, like Google CEO Eric Schmidt?" Hmmmmm. And I believe today is the first day that Schmidt will be stumping in Florida for Obama. As I used to say to newbie drivers on the track, you go where your eyes go.

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