Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I live in a State of indecision.

I admit it, I'm growing weary of seeing Ohio on the CNN maps as a yellow toss-up State. Yellow, as in chicken, for God's sake! During the last two elections, I watched from NC as Ohio played a pivotal, and not always laudable, role. This time around, with so much at stake, I feel compelled to help nudge things along where and when I can.

Last night, for instance, I spent a few hours doing some phone bank calling for the local Obama office. I was surprised how many of the people I got through to were still undecided. Fortunately, only two folks were angry McCain supporters unhappy to get my call. And even those folks were reasonably pleasant and respectful.

I'm done thinking we need a change in leadership. With all that's transpired over the last quarter, I'm hoping for a landslide mandate. The foundation of our society is cracked. We need more than spackle and vinyl siding.

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