Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finding your Yoda.

I'm fortunate. I'm reminded of that often these days with the proverbial shit hitting the fan at every corner. Because even amidst all this chaos and concern, even panic, I can always look forward to a visit to my personal Yoda, Tom.

If you don't have a personal Yoda, I highly recommend you get out there right now, before even finishing this paragraph, and find one. Go. Now. You can finish this later.

Okay, hopefully you now have a Yoda of your own. Perhaps he or she is even a bit like mine. Tommy is an extraordinary character. He has the requisite cane, the hunched shoulders, the outstretched hand and, most importantly, the wisdom that comes with age and the compassion to share it. Tommy doesn't pull punches or sugar coat his message. When he spews, in his gravelly voice, "Life's too short for that bullshit!" you know he's speaking from that special place reserved for the Aged & Enlightened.

One of my favorite quotes from a get together with Tom last Monday night was, "So the Dow dropped 700 pts, my knee hurts! Let's stick to things we know today that we can do something about." Healthy perspective on what you can and cannot affect. And staying in the moment. Those are the kinds of gifts a Yoda can bring. More valuable now than ever.

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