Saturday, September 6, 2008

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Reading a post by Rob Long this morning about the emerging role of social media struck a strong chord. (Obvious kudos, of course, to David Weinberger, Om Malik and others for their parts in this train of thought.) To quote Rob,

I think the mistake we make here in Hollywood is that we think of the web as just some kind of turbo-charged distribution channel -- a more efficient and flexible way to get our stuff onto your screen -- whichever screen you prefer using. But it seems to me that the really exciting, fun, and revolutionary part of the web is in the social realm: connecting and linking and socializing with people. The web as a one-way screen may not be as attractive to people as the social web.
Rob then goes on to see how the loop can pretty easily complete its journey to come around full circle:
It's a rather new phenomenon, though, this nighttime activity of sitting on the sofa, watching stuff. In all of those Jane Austen novels, people used to sit around together, in groups, and chit chat, or listen to music, or play games.

Groups. Chat. Music. Games.

We might be going back to that.

Rockwell meets Orwell and all's well that ends well. Instead of gathering around the wood stove to play checkers and pass along stories, we gather around the netbook and play keyword search and pass along stories. Storytelling remains the core. Joy is in the sharing; both the stories and the values.

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Betsey said...

This certainly strikes a chord with what is so valuable today - sharing meaningful stories about what we do every day and why. Nothing new here, just the need to re-invigorate habits too long out of use, too long not tended. In the meanwhile, things like the Internet appeared, both enlarging the chasm between individuals and bringing us closer together. The result is like tectonic plates shifting - where things just don't quite fit right and with a lot of disconnection. In Open Source Economic Development we build the open spaces for new conversations to take place focused on guided, purposeful next steps to reconstruct, re-connect, together.