Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the wikihood.

Thinking about a short-term future vision: Neighborhoods transformed by mobile web technologies -- free wifi access, wiki platforms for community collaboration and knowledge distribution, twitter as real-time connection/networking, and the mobilization of open source forums to foster democratic engagement/progress. News, governance, hyper-local commerce/barter/sharing, policing/protecting, so many collaborative things become possible when the whole neighborhood is on and connected.

The webtools and access become the fire escapes and street corners of the ethnic neighborhoods of the last century. Caring is enabled. Isolating always an option, but takes work. Swapping, helping, collaborating become tasks of relative ease as arrangements and connections are coordinated on the cloud, via the wikihood.

Small-town, neighborhood life. Wherever you roam. The wonder years a la web?

Note: 3-D image of a wifi network in Salt Lake City from a paper in The Annals of Geography.


Valdis Krebs said...

Yes Scott, a nice dream... but do all of the neighbors want to talk to each other? do all want to help each other?

With any I/T, whether it is internet based or not, the rules go like this...
1) First the Sociology
2) Only then the Technology
3) Go to 1, with the knowledge you have learned from the last pass

Scott Crawford said...

Agreed Valdis. Always back to sociology; to nature.