Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How do it know?

Hank Williams has a nice post on "The Power of Serendipity." Like Hank, I'm a firm believer in the potential of the web and data mining/CRM tools, experience design -- the whole lot-- to turn our online encounters into mass customized experiences. And that's where serendipity really gets its juice.

The more we move to the cloud, the more we rely on gps-enabled pocket browsing devices, the more we cluster and collaborate in web-based social networks, the more opportunity the sites we visit and the brands we engage have to get to know us as individuals. And to offer truly personalized encounters. Anchored in individual respect. There's lots of delight in that. And joy. It's, of course, up to the marketers/providers to practice the restraint necessary to demonstrate real respect. Those who can will reap the rewards. Those who don't will wear plaid sport coats and plaster starbursts on every message.

(Ahhhhh, such memories of working on SAS branding and the Power to Know initiative. Another good lesson in patience.)

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