Friday, June 20, 2008

What Spore may spawn.

My son showed me some of his creatures he's been creating in the recently unveiled Spore demo. Very cool stuff. The tools are right out of 3-d solid modeling software used for rapid prototyping.

Even more impressive, he mentioned that one of the more fun features is the online collaboration that occurs from open publishing/sharing/modifying/reposting of creatures across the user network. Naturally got me to thinking about the impact on society when everyone has access to solid-modeling/rapid prototyping tools. The mindset quickly changes as perfectionism falls away, as hypothetical imagining becomes standard operating procedure, as failure becomes a necessary and expected pathway to success.

I just Googled the subjet and came to this similar write-up in BusinessWeek. This could be enormously liberating. The more we move to tools that embrace imperfection and celebrate failure as necessary steps on the path to innovative breakthrough, the faster and more daring we will become in our inventiveness. What was deemed impossible isn't. Fun times.

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