Sunday, June 1, 2008

Howard Lindzon makes a Wii noise.

Howard was early in calling the Wii trend, and today reiterated his support for the stock in a solid post. As I commented to Howard, my add to his points would be the strength of Wii in assisted living therapy/group play (growing stronger all the time, it seems) and the killer app -- the brand's visionary artist/designer leader, Shigeru Miyamoto, as profiled here in the NYTimes.


gregory said...

that assisted living observation was great, never thought about that, bet i could sell a bunch at the place where my mom is... good insight

Scott Crawford said...

Thanks Gregory.
Yeah, I heard someone talking the other day about a situation where an elderly man had basically given up trying to participate in physical therapy. He was one the way to the big checkout desk in the sky. But then he saw somebody playing golf on the Wii in the facility and he gave it a try, and found the fun that was missing from traditional physical movement/therapy. Makes sense. Easy to imagine wide-ranging possibilities.