Friday, May 23, 2008

A new kind of producer needed for creative cult?

Reading this Chris Brogan post again got me thinking more about the near-term future, the emergence of a nomadic creative culture, collaboration, and the ways of making it all work.

A recent post (can't recall where I read it unfortunately) pointed to Hollywood and the movie industry as a model. Likewise, from my own experience, I think you can look at other collaborative arts models, as well, such as the music business. In both cases, a pivotal role that makes it all work is The Producer.

While similar functions exist in some linked industries in the form of project managers and marcomm functions, I imagine that for a truly fluid, freelance model to take off, a new kind and caliber of creative arts producer may need to emerge. This talent would need to be versed in business strategy, think like a designer, be able to assemble and disassemble networks on the fly, and be both a master muse and talent scout.

Rare combinations, to be sure, but imagine the fun to be had.

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Anonymous said...

Spot On! These talents are so rarely encompassed within producers today. If you follow Hollywood history the major players had that vision/ability years ago.

Today you have execs that think strategy is the greatest return in the shortest time. Typically within their tenure, with no-one really looking at the long term ramifications.