Saturday, April 5, 2008

See-through is the new black.

Listening to NPR this morning as a reporter talked about McCain's new self-deprecating openness on the stump. He's sounding more like Obama. Contrast that with the recurring stumbles and stubbed toes of Hillary and Bill, the latest being the attempts on Leno to joke away the "misstatements" and "misspeaking" about Bosnia. Will the Clinton camp get it? Or will her speech writers and handlers --her own inner compass-- continue to give her the same guidance toward obfuscation made famous during Bill's time in office?

And don't miss the broader implications of this shift in disclosure fashion. It doesn't just go for politics. If you own, manage or otherwise are a public brand, better honor the fact that your customers and users are now feeling perfectly justified in looking under the hood. Your hood. Embrace it and you'll be fine. Just remember the Four Absolutes.

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