Friday, April 11, 2008

The purpose-driven investor (corporation).

Umair Haque hits another one with this post on the problem with VC motives (not picking on VCs, we're all in on this one).

As Umair has been pointing out for some time, we have allowed our DNA to be corrupted. Notice I didn't say they or them or somebody. We. We have to take responsibility for our own DNA, our own role, our own acceptance of outcomes.

Once again I'm reminded of the four absolutes. It's basic ethics we're talking about here. And, of course, that's what makes it so hard to practice. Everybody wants to shrug it off as old-fashioned, too basic, archaic. Why set a goal of "don't be evil?" That's so last century. But clichés become clichés because they endure. Truth lives. There's simply no hiding from it.

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