Friday, April 18, 2008

The more things change.

I drove over to Cedar Point, the world's largest roller coaster park, to walk the property at lunch today with my friend Clark who is now director of marketing. I hadn't been back to the park in over a decade, since working on the launch of the Mantis.

As we walked the vacant midway, and I got a look at some of the newer rides, I naturally found myself thinking of ways that new, mobile devices could be incorporated, such as sending tweets from all rides on opening day, adding more web cams at strategic places; inexpensive ways to share the experience and excitement virally, to broadcast it live.

The more they stay the same.

Then, in a twist of fate, to remind me that there are times when no technology can trump face-2-face, I walked into the marketing office with Clark and was greeted by Bev, who recalled our last meeting in, let's see, it had to have been sometime in 1995 at the latest.

I need to get back to the park later this summer, after opening day, and soak in the full experience again. There's no place quite like it, with all those twisted steel and wood beasts rising up out of Lake Erie.

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