Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's an iMeMy world.

Spent a little quiet time over lunch today reading up on and thinking about the potential of iPhone SDK to enable self-actualization in the Cromadic economy.

Thinking small, to start, there are the obvious Nike+ types of mash-ups. As reported last week, Apple is already down the road working on a LifeFitness app. Can Yoga and meditation aids be far behind?

Expanding out a bit, but only a step or two, there's the whole world of spirituality/awakening that will no doubt migrate to mobile devices. Can't get much more Power of Now than here and now.

If we are moving into an era when personal brand stories are written and edited on the fly, translated to the setting of the moment, reflecting a desire for multiple vs single personalities (Life as a series of One-Acts?), how might a hand-held, location-based, user configurable "coach/enabler" be of assistance? (Posted earlier my dream of a personal pocket butler.)

What about visual arts, composing/composition, photo assistant or assistant director in you pocket? Music producer? Hmmmmmm. Might need to start a matrix. Much to think about. More to look forward to.

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