Thursday, April 3, 2008

Is there a co-future in co-creation?

Just reading some of Elizabeth Sanders' writings on co-design/co-creation as they align with and inform co-authorship and open social futures. Great stuff. I didn't realize she's at OSU design school. Might he another good reason to visit my son on campus this Spring -- maybe set up a meeting or perhaps even sit in on a lecture or workshop while there.

Loving the idea of pushing the evolution of tools and democratization of open social so that design/creation/custom mftring is serving the needs of people, not just making and marketing stuff.

I've gotta believe, as the folks at I-Open champion, that somewhere in all this is an opportunity for Cleveland/Great Lakes region. Maybe related to medical innovation. Maybe alternative energy. We need something new and bold here to give people hope. Something with a narrow, laser-like focus so the vision stays keen.

I've only been back in the rust belt for a couple of years now, and still feel like an outsider in most things, but do sense a bottoming coming. Could be passing through a seriously depressed trough for a while, though, as the housing crisis runs its course. It's tragic how much carnage was done in this town in the name of flipping and churning securitized mortgages. Maybe time for a new reality TV show, "Flip this community." The latest, of course, is that we're seeing NatCity pay a steep price in its search-under-duress for an investor or buyer. Which, no doubt, will be accompanied by layoffs that will further exacerbate the situation. A most vicious cycle.

Would be wonderful to see that countered in even a small measure by the emergence of new, open impetus.

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