Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oldest profession meets newest courtesy of Spitzer.

This is fascinating. And potentially huge. Andy Warhol's "15-minutes of fame" prediction takes on a whole new economic importance when you have a system like Amie Street in place to monetize even fleeting fame for independent artists.

Following pasted from Peter Kafka's post on SAI:

Her MySpace page may be down, but Eliot Spitzer's alleged escort continues her rocket ascent through cyberspace. As of mid-day Ashley Alexandra Dupree's page on AmieStreet, the music store that prices music based on popularity, was awfully popular.
How popular, exactly? Co-founder Josh Boltuch won't say how many tracks Ashley has sold, or how many any other Amie Street artist has sold. But he suggests that we compare Ashley's public stats with those of two of his site's most popular acts: The Barenaked Ladies and Radiohead's Thom Yorke. OK:

Listens: 116,534
Views: 147,207

Barenaked Ladies:
Listens: 494,090
Views: 75,710

Thom Yorke:
Listens: 2,791
Views: 2,097

And, for good measure, band-of-the-second Vampire Weekend:
Listens: 6,807
Views: 4,608

One more data point: Ashley uploaded her first song onto Amie Street on Nov. 8, 2007. Up until yesterday afternoon, you could snag it for 7 cents. Today a download of "What We Want" will cost you 98 cents.

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