Saturday, March 15, 2008

More voices weighing in on Apple's mobile mojo.

Alex Iskold posts a very nice piece here on why Apple will dominate the next generation of computing. Anybody who's been following my comments knows that I've been practically gaga about the mojo building up behind the iPod Touch and iPhone since, well, since this post.

Iskold's article gives a better explanation than I could ever hope to of how big this is going to be when the iTunes store becomes a full-fledged mobile apps store this summer.

This is another testament to why I give my money to Apple in the form of investment. Because I trust that they, as the brand stewards, will continually use it as a tool with which to innovate, build, advance -- while staying true to the core values of purity+simplicity.

And with that, I bid y'all a happy Saturday afternoon.

Updated 3:56 p.m. Just saw this interesting and related post on Nussbaum's blog. What's that distant, low whirrring sound?

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