Monday, March 10, 2008

Just say no to drug stocks.

My personal view is that we over-medicate as a country, driven primarily by the healthcare/drug industry.

Now, even scarier than the high suicide rates linked to mood stabilizers, and the fears of increased autism among children, is the report out today that we are all being unwittingly fed prescription drugs through our municipal water systems. Think about that for just a minute -- think how many drugs have to get ingested, digested, peed into toilets, then flushed, and treated and recycled to finally show up as recognizable compounds in your glass of drinking water.

Just because we can alter human chemistry doesn't mean that we should. Is this much chemical mucking about with human lives really a good thing?

From the contrarian POV, I'll definitely keep adding to GE (spot below always makes me smile) and may add some Coke or Pepsi for bottled product.

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