Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Having a little fun with Starbucks closing.

I'm a brand groupie. I make no bones about that. My first trip to England, I brought back a pub ashtray as a keepsake because it was emblazoned with the Bass Ale Triangle, the world's first registered brand trademark. (Yeah, I know, get a life.)

Anyway, one local brand I absolutely love is Phoenix Coffee. This is a family-owned, family-friendly business where passion lives in every sip and smell. It's also where you can learn more than you ever imagined knowing about the subtleties of 1200 different taste markers of the world's various coffee beans. Just ask Carl. But make sure you don't have to be anywhere soon.

So last week, when Starbucks shut down for retraining, I shot off this ad idea to Sarah and Carl, the owners of Phoenix, just for fun. They're running with it. Look for it to appear this week in the Free Times in Cleveland and, just for sheer audacious joy of it, in the Seattle alt weekly as well.

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