Sunday, March 2, 2008

The four absolutes.

I was talking to friends yesterday about their branding efforts and the need for rigorous discipline. The path to brand nirvana seems so wide at the very start, yet it only takes a few missteps early on to find yourself standing at a slippery slope later.

It got me to thinking about the importance of the four absolutes as a screening device for all major decisions, life altering and otherwise. How might they apply to brand development?

Honesty - If you don't have anything of honest value to say, don't act as though you do. Resist the temptation to make stuff up just to fill the void. People won't believe you, your product will die, and you won't go to heaven.

Unselfishness - What are your motives? Are you attempting to engage in conversation for purely selfish reasons? Or are you hoping to build a relationship? What are you willing to give away in this transaction? How are you going to improve the other person's life? People aren't stupid. They figure this stuff out.

Love - In any relationship or conversation, passion will out. Do you love what you do? Are you doing what you love? Your audience can usually tell. If they can't, maybe you still haven't discovered it in yourself.

Purity - Strip away everything that isn't fundamental. Then reduce, reduce, reduce some more. Get to the pure essence of your brand experience. The single brush stroke expression. Feel it. Articulate it. Then honor it with the discipline necessary to keep it so. Don't hide it under a veneer of cleverness. Likewise, don't delude yourself into thinking it's more than what it is.

Learn more about The Four Absolutes and The Oxford Group at Wikipedia.

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Peter T said...

This resonates too.
Have shared with some business associates and friends.