Friday, February 8, 2008

What'll it be today?

I don't know how people like The Fly do it, successfully changing their skins from Bull to Bear in a matter of days. It takes extraordinary discipline and the ability to divorce heart and head.

I'm incapable of this kind of fundamental (if even temporary) sympathy shift. Which I guess in part explains why I've gravitated toward being a brand builder and investor rather than a stock trader.

Speaking of brands and trying on different viewpoints, I was thinking a little more last night about this conundrum of the Apple brand and the market action. It really is a fascinating dichotomy. Of course, tech as a gang is now on the outs, and Apple is still lumped into that sector by most.

Yet retail is now back on many buy lists. And, although many quickly forget it, nobody does retail like Apple.

Meaningless perhaps. I dunno, to be honest. At any rate, more little wrinkly plums of information to bake into the pie. Hmmm. Look at that will you? As I was typing this, Apple just ticked up close to 3%. Maybe my swift finger action somehow changed the barometric pressure here in Rocky River and that somehow caused the earth to tilt or somesuch and caused a buy move. Hey, anything's possible in this mystery market.

Photo credit: out-take from a series shot by Canadian photograher George Simoni for client SDRC.

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