Sunday, February 3, 2008

A nod, a wink, a silent tear.

Umair Haque posts on Microsoft+Yahoo and, as usual, provokes a somber nod.

What does Umair see? Well, in stark contrast to my almost pleading hopefulness of a stronger, more evolved Microsoft, Umair sees the end of Microsoft as we know it. Really think about that for a moment. Yes, true, no more Ballmer dancing around like a monkey boy on stage. But also, no real, serious competition to Google.

What does that mean? What does that open up? To quote Dan Quinn in Ishmael, "With man gone, will there be hope for Gorilla?"


gregory said...

in a change economy entities like microsoft, yahoo, facebook, are not supposed to last

they are snapshots of a point in time in a process of evolution, as soon as they are constructed they are old, built upon old thinking, embodying outdated concepts

the bothersome thing about so much analysis, as well as the very structure of the current economic edifice, is that it is based on old expectations. even more dangerous, it survives on managing expectations which assume that life like it is goes on in this way forever

pretty funny if you think about it, but the entire house of cards is built of, on, falsehood, maybe not malicious, but maintained with the same sort of desparation as if it was intentional. witness the fed or wall street

imagine all of that energy going towards innovation, and i am not talking about innovative ways to hide things, such as hedge funds

i don't know who umair is, if he makes money with his understandings, or is respected by the status quo, but he is correct in so many of his observations because he understands a lot about how consciousness manifests itself into 3D reality, though he might use different words

the essence of now is that we are in a time where selfishness will not work as a business value, and it will be hard for older people to get this

example, ipr, based on the lie that people won't innovate unless guaranteed of reward, and that is proven false by everything that industry dislikes, linux, open source, free services

the next thing that is going to fail is the advertsing revenue model, simply because my attention is more valuable to me than you making money is to me

interesting times. something we cannot name yet is moving fast, call it history, call it the unfolding of the full potential of consciousness into the material world, either way, the old order has already fallen away, for those that have eyes to see. the shift has happened, all that is left is the sound effects to reach your ears

Scott Crawford said...

Thanks Gregory. Yeah, pretty funny indeed, when thought about from a static point in time. I agree on just about all points.

As you observe, selfishness cannot survive in an open system; however, human beings all have their own unique interpretations of what constitutes generosity.

But, clearly emotional/spiritual/psychic reward has great value in this economy. So long as other basic needs are somehow met. How basic is basic? How happy is happy? Will all relationships/reward systems be individually negotiated? On an auction-style backbone?

I agree that the old ad revenue model will go by the wayside, but I think it will be replaced by a very different model, not a vacuum. Open conversation/sharing naturally leads to community, trust-building. Community (cult) as advertising is finding its footing. Enlightened marketers are and will figure this out. Respect. Authenticity. Participation. These are keys. And you know what? If you go back to the model of Fuller Brush Man --the door-to-door, one-one-one product demo sale-- the keys are the same. There's a purity of relationship and brand experience there that transcends once you get past the fear of the stranger in control.