Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jogging in place in soggy shoes.

That's what this week feels like so far. No clear strength in the market, lots of conflicting inputs and data, but mostly cloudy, mushy, uninspiring muck. As a result, I'm doing little more right now than observing and using the time to do some necessary research reading in other areas of interest.

On a happy note, I've been enjoying the headlines about Obama chipping away at Clinton's base in Texas and Ohio following the strong win last night in Wisconsin. My deepest, most fervent hope is that Ohio does not wind up playing the spoiler role it has in the last two elections. I overheard a conversation between two older locals at a store over the weekend, bemoaning the fact that they "gave" the election to Bush last time around and "got nothing from it." I hope that pro-change sentiment is enough to reach past the logical choice, beyond Clinton.

Don't miss the full lunar eclipse tonight if you get the chance. Just a little touch of God's magic to put everything else in perspective.

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