Thursday, February 21, 2008

Going mobile.

As this article in Wired points out, the iTunes store is about to transform once again. After adding the role of movie rental store to its music and TV offerings, the store will soon become a major purveyor of mobile software apps.

I had an early experience with this process when I purchased the January widget pack for the iPod Touch. The experience was as easy and seamless as buying a music download, a simple select-and-sync operation.

With more mutli-touch, mobile devices rumored to be on the way, and the continued expansion of media offerings, iTunes is quickly becoming the go-to source for creative content of all kinds.

So what might this mean down the road, in a social-roaming/free-agent world? There's no doubt going to be a huge explosion of SDK apps coming to the store. But what about freeware/shareware apps? Will there be a public shareware channel on iTunes? Or an eBay-like, marketplace spin-off perhaps? Will that help to further the widespread adoption of cloud-based file swapping/sharing?

As we become used to accessing data/apps on the run, via iTunes and Google docs, et al, the closer we get to becoming a truly mobile and egalitarian community.

Yes, we can.

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