Friday, February 15, 2008

Buying more tacos while they're soft.

Taking advantage of the post-earnings sell-off to add another small helping to my Chipotle stake. With that accomplished, I'm off to the downtown Red Cross center for a platelet donation and maybe a quick visit to see my friends at Phoenix and learn what special flavors they've got roasting today.


Mary Christine said...

I saw your comment on Scott W.'s blog. I followed the trail to your blog. When I saw that Painted Bird is one of your favorite books, well, it took me back. I read it in 1976, and loved it. I need to read it again. Wish Jerzy hadn't decided to off himself.

Scott Crawford said...

M.C., I think we were reading Painted Bird about the same time. It is a shame that Kozinsky couldn't bear to stay with us, but he sure did grace us with some amazing work.

Have you read "No One Belongs Here More Than You" by Miranda July? I betcha you'd like it.