Friday, January 25, 2008

You should see the view from up here.

I took the opportunity to donate platelets again today, so I had a couple of hours of quiet think time to let my mind wander in the clouds.

It really is a remarkable place up there.

That something in the air? It's a whole collaborative culture, the cult of the creative cloud, who've made wirelessly connected collaboration an essential process of their artistic expression. French sculptors working with English storytellers collaborating with North American photograhpers and globetrotting publishers and facilitators and project managers to create original works between them, though none has ever met.

Then I heard the machine emit three loud blasts from its buzzer and I knew it was time for James to extract the needle and for me to quit daydreaming and get back to check the market close.

But, really, you should see the view from up there. It's lovely. I need to invest more there.

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