Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yet another voice getting in Touch.

Just happened upon this post on about the iPod Touch as more than a music player. Momentum quickly building.

I've been thinking about a lot of stuff that could be coalescing here with the Touch: The introduction of interactive mapping, AT&T offering free wifi, Google being Google and coming onboard. Dragon speech recognition coming to Mac platform. And robots being the next big thing.

Robots? Yes, robots. What does that have to do with the iPod Touch?

Who says your own personal robot has to look like a humanoid figure? Or that it has to have legs and walk, let alone dance? What if you provided the legs and eyes and ears? (Yeah, creepy, you become the locomotive servant to the artificial intelligence. So? Get over it.)

Think robotic assistant or butler. With the ability to understand your spoken commands. With the ability to speak back to you (and play a music track underneath....maybe something from a French film..yeah, I like that).

Imagine. Your personal man- (or woman-) servant. Able to speak to you about what's happening here and now because, thanks to mapping, it knows precisely where you are and what you're heading toward. It automatically retrieves and filters and organizes your messaging. What if it could set up your day for you? Arrange your appointments? What if it knew how to set and stagger appointments by priority? Filter messages by pre-set values? What if it could pull down all the information online about your entire universe of contacts, fed by a rich personal info database like FaceBook? And update you about what's going on in others' lives that truly matters to and impacts you? And maybe pull down a playlist from Fred sharing new music for the day? Would yours be a man or a woman? Young or old? Sultry or strict?

Is that a robot in your pocket? Or are you just happy to be listening to music?

More thinking to do.

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