Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mac Surge a la Pogue.

David Pogue takes his own best shot at explaining the Mac surge in Saturday's NY Times. He points to Mr. Softy and its horrible Vista as the prime motivators for switching. I dunno. He may be right. I look at my son's classmates and fellow gamers. They all switched over to MacBooks this year as they headed off to college, and it was primarily the intel chip and dual op system that tipped the scales, I believe. So, Vista played a part, surely, but only a part.

Now, we'll see on Tuesday, when Q4 results come out, what the actual surge turns out to be. I know a lot of folks have gone all namby-pamby and skittish on the brand since MacWorld. I think they're going to be shocked and awed by the numbers. If I'm wrong, I'll eat my dongle.

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