Sunday, January 20, 2008

Absolutely what I need!

Sure, a new MacBook Air would be sexy and nice. But here's what I could really use. And it really shouldn't be that hard to put together (Photoshop makes everything seem easy): Just take my iPod Touch, plug in a Myvu Personal Media Viewer headset, and connect it all to a folding Targus portable keyboard like the one I had for my old Handspring. The only thing not available at the moment is the keyboard.

With this setup and the new email and notes apps, I could take just about any and all of my work wherever I roam, and, when I'm tethered up to the apheresis machine for my semi-monthly donation, I could call up a movie and watch it in full widescreen view.

Of course, I'd look like the consummate geek. But, what the hell, I look pretty stupid hooked up to the machine anyway, so what's one more bit of goofy gear?

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