Monday, January 14, 2008

Was that a Dead Cat, Sucker or Global Strength Bounce?

So that's what my head's been spinning around this afternoon, to no real avail. Given IBM's results, which seem to underscore near-forgotten comments from other global tech bellweathers like Cisco, I want to believe that the global demand for ag, infrastructure, alt energy and, of course, tech/networking will keep the world economy humming. Operative words being "want to believe."

And, of course, I'm eagerly anticipating Jobs' keynote at MacWorld. So much potential news, it could be a case of too much noise, diffusion. But, as in the past, I'm eager to be surprised and delighted. I remember turning on my first Mac (before it was called the Classic) in my office in Raleigh in '84 and watching the playful, anthropomorhic icon on the screen as the system booted up. Compared to my old Kaypro II or my Wang WP system before that, it was like playing with a toy: Simple, intuitive, easy. And fun. Nothing's really changed.

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