Wednesday, January 2, 2008

20 gals of gas, a large coffee, a scone and some webmail to go.

Spent most of the day on the road, running the boy back to school for the winter quarter. Out in the middle of nowhere, about 50 miles from anywhere, actually, there's a great Oasis gas station with a Starbucks, clean restrooms, foodcourt and free WIFI. Which, on this day, meant I could get refueled with all essentials and even learn that I was down a significant chunk of change while en route. But only on paper, as they say. Life is good.

While in Columbus, we took the opportunity to lunch at Chipotle on High Street. It was wall-to-wall, SRO, and a great experience. Food and service were excellent, as always, and the crowd was up. A happy meal for grownups.

Signing off for today with the news that the iPhone/Touch browser is expected to soon surpass UNIX in terms of number of browsers accessing web. Another step.

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