Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Why I bought one.

I just posted to Bruce Nussbaum's site at BW, and thought I'd share part of that post here. There's been alot of talk about the OLPC program being a failure. And I agree. From a design standpoint --design encompassing the strategy/implementation, not just physical design-- it was a travesty. But...well, here's what I wrote Bruce:

It's far from perfect. As a design exercise it's less than a success - as you pointed out earlier. But it's a step on a very long and crucial path. And it's better to begin the journey than sit in camp bitching about not getting anywhere. Yes, I'd rather have a machete. Maybe by the time we reach the first clearing one will be waiting for us.

So, yeah, I've ordered. I'm giving one. I'm not sure yet what will become of the second. I want to play with it, learn it, appreciate it, then decide whether it becomes a collectible, a conversation piece, a gift to my daughter, a gift to a needy child here in this village, or just another funky time stamp in the age of computers to add to my collection.


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