Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thinking, wondering, gazing.

Like everybody and their underemployed step-brother, I've been taking stock of '07 and pondering a bit what might lie ahead for '08 as far as investment trends are concerned.

More of the same, of course, comes to mind. Which means standing pat with most brands currently on board. As I've already mentioned in previous posts, I think there will be a lot more adoption of mobile computing/accessing the cloud of user data. Combine social networking with that and you've got nomadic or herding trends that will naturally occur. Wifi as a ubiquitous utility will be necessary/demanded. Given a choice of two venues to meet, eat, gather, shop, I will opt for the one with free and open wifi. Note the distinction, not just free but open. The nomadic trend could have lots of ramifications throughout the year as tribes/herds move en masse from site to site, watering hole to watering hole. Much thinking to be done here, as opportunity is always greatest for those who set up camp first.

The ability to customize is also looking like less of a novelty and more of a trend. I've blogged about this before, and have been fascinated by its potential ever since I saw the first hint of rapid prototyping while working on early solid modeling software for a client back in the dark ages of the mid-eighties. Customer satisfaction doesn't get any richer than when you satisfy one unique customer with one unique solution. And when you can easily replicate that experience time and again. NikeID is doing it really well. I expect we'll see a lot more in the year ahead.

In the energy arena, I expect Wind to start getting some of the attention that Solar has this year. I could be way, way off on that. But my gut keeps telling me that the obstacles to wind farming, especially on places like the Great Lakes, will be knocked down a few pegs this year. What seems insurmountable will suddenly seem less so. No basis in fact, just feeling. Obviously more research is called for there.

More to come. For now, I have to run pick up my daughter. Some things never change.

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