Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Passive to active. Transitions spell opportunity.

Just catching up with a post from Om Malik at Le Web in Paris this week. More empirical evidence that the web continues to build momentum in its transition from a passive to an active medium, with rapid growth in the number of new video-service-related start-ups. Video killed the radio star. But it will make minor stars of millions on the web. What goes around comes around. And around. Party on, Garth. Here's a quick clip from Om's post:

It is becoming increasingly clear that the web is transforming itself from a medium of passive consumption to active interactions, and we are going to see many companies start-up trying to make a business out of this... if you believe (and I do) that all video is going to eventually be delivered over IP networks, PLY Media can extend its technology to IPTV-based systems. PLY Media has a couple of competitors including Jacked, which I am going to write about when I get back to San Francisco.

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