Saturday, December 1, 2007

On a wing and a prayer

So the good news is, I didn't get a tattoo. I was thinking about it for a long time. A few years now. Ever since I relocated from Raleigh back to the chilly climes of Rocky River.

Why a tattoo? I was thinking of some way to carry with me a more tangible, visible reminder of my connection to my son, Cal, who was stillborn in '87 and who is buried in Raleigh. I do miss those impromptu visits at Cal's grave. It's a great place to get quiet, small, grateful.

So, last night I received a spur of the moment email to join up with a couple of friends to attend a trunk show sale at a local gallery. The artist, Susan, is a friend of my friends, and now happily a friend of mine. She was showing me some of her many lariats and other pieces that have been featured on Rachel Ray and other hot spots. And for some reason I was compelled to ask if she made men's rings, thinking that perhaps that would be an alternative to needles and ink.

She didn't miss a beat as she reached over to a cabinet and pulled out this sterling silver angel's wing. "I just have this one," she said, slipping it on my finger. It was the perfect size. I haven't taken it off since. Very cool when you realize you're in just the right place at just the right moment. And you shut up and listen.

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