Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nike kicking butt globally.

Listening in on Q2 conference call. Great numbers across the board, especially in Europe and Asia. Record performance from Converse and Cole Haan included.

Other highlights: 25th consecutive qtr of revenue growth. Continued commitment to developing "world-class destinations that deliver premium user experiences." Look at House of Hoops, Nike+ Running Experience, NikeID Studios, NikeTown, Nike Online. All strong destinations. Online continues to rack up substantial growth, revenue up 40% for the QTR yr/yr. Currently 3MM visitors to site each month.

Crucial point: comments on call reaffirm key decision to migrate from mass consumer marketing to "more surgical and frankly more relevant" channels and approaches, including new media alternatives and retail models. Management is solidly behind the shift to segment/category relevance and, in words of Prez, "never been more bullish on the Nike brand."

These folks are writing a whole new chapter for the case study vis a vis customer-category alignment and relevance. Watch what happens with new custom-delivery methods and user/category focused retail. I think the next 1-3 years are going to be dramatic for Nike, especially in terms of user experience. Possibly as dramatic in apparel as Apple stores were to electronics.

Checking aftermarket....the stock looks to be up about 4% on the news.

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