Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Best Buy lives up to name.

Looking beyond the blow-out numbers for the quarter (53 cents vs 31 cents eps yr/yr) the most tantalizing news was the slight upping of guidance and, even more, the raising of the projected number of new stores due globally next year from 135 to 150. Riding the momentum.

Now, just have to see if the local store comes through for me tomorrow with the elusive Rock Band (Ack! Whaddaya mean the PS2 version's been delayed?!?) for the kids. FWIW, I placed an order at Amazon for said game 3 wks ago. Last week, I got a "your order was cancelled, we can't fulfill" notice. A notice. Not a suggested solution or alternate route to satisfaction, mind you, a notice. Stick that in your Kindle and smoke it.

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