Saturday, December 1, 2007

Apple Investors' quote of the day

Writing in The Seattle Times, Glenn Fleishman knocks the Kindle from Amazon not because it's a bad product, but simply by comparison to what it could have been, had it been an Apple product.

"The Kindle, the new electronic book reader from, is excellent if you're willing to ignore its poor industrial design and substandard interface. It's exactly the kind of electronics we would have thought terrific had Apple not set the bar so high with the iPod and iPhone.

But we live in an Apple world when it comes to design, ease and usefulness and any new mass-market handheld product — especially one with a $399 price tag like the Kindle — can't afford to fall short.

Now, don't get me wrong. I still hope that the Kindle finds a large and happy (fat and jolly?) audience. And that the world embraces eBooks in a big way.

But this distinction, the impact of design, is the defining factor that so many non-Apple people still don't fully comprehend. Walking into an Apple store is like walking into the Design Museum in London or the MOMA in New York. And no amount of engineering is going to counter that. They are simply different arenas, appealing to different senses.

Cool, that.

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